• Complete, Cost-Effective Technology Solutions for the New or Growing Business


  • Corporate IT Management

    Whether you need continual onsite assistance, remote help, or 24/7 monitoring, Comprehensr integrates with your business to provide exceptional, all-encompassing IT management for your growing enterprise. Comprehensr can either run your entire IT operation, or we can work with your current IT department to provide support and backup when needed. Our low hourly and fixed flat rates will work within your needs to ensure your organization is always getting the most value for exceptional service.

  • Security & Continuity

    Comprehensr is dedicated to keeping the totality of your information technology running at all times, from anywhere. Never lose a file, an e-mail, or a server. Never have a user workstation, vital production system, or your intellectual property, compromised by malware.


    To do this, Comprehensr brings together five of the top products in the industry to cover your business completely. Let Comprehensr provide you with one, all, or a bundle of a few based on your needs, at rates that respect your budget and bottom-line.


    The Leader in Backup and Disaster Recovery

    When it comes to protecting your servers or vital workstations with data protection and infrastructure continuity, either onsite or from the Cloud, nothing compares to Datto. Through its SIRIS, ALTO XL and ALTO 2 lines, Datto provides the best data recovery and continuity solutions today. From minor accidental deletions to full-blown disasters, natural or otherwise, your company will never be down. Read more about Datto's amazing continuity architecture here.


    Endpoint Management

    Your growing business needs to monitor servers and vital workstations at all hours for uptime. It also need to update machines regularly. Get a handle on your resources with Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM). Autotask AEM provides constant contact with, remote support to, and monthly updating for, the servers or user machines that are vital to your business's expanding operations.


    Unified Email Management

    The leader in spam filtration and message archiving, Mimecast protects your mail infrastructure like no other. Go with Mimecast and watch your spam disappear. When your mail server goes offline for whatever reason, Mimecast is there via web portal, Outlook add-on, or even a smartphone app, to keep your mail accessible until your mail server is back online. Never lose a message again with Mimecast archiving. Going with Microsoft Office 365? You still need Mimecast, both at Office 365 implementation, and after to filter out the spam messages Office 365 will not. But most important, Mimecast will protect your organization from the growing treat from ransomware, which can encrypt your shared files in a flash and hold them hostage until you pay the hacker for their decryption.


    Advanced Virus Protection

    Are you tired of bulky antivirus programs that slow your machine while frequently failing to stop threats? Then Webroot is the antivirus platform for your business. With a remarkably small installation and application footprint, Webroot carries immense weight in protecting your infrastructure from the viruses and malware that can stop your operations cold.


    Network Infrastructure Management

    Do you know every device on your network? Are your routers, switches and remote appliances being backed up and updated regularly, and monitored 24/7? If not, you need Auvik. The ultimate in visibility, control, and automation for your network infrastructure, Auvik gives businesses valuable insight, in visual format, to the strength, health and breadth of their IT infrastructures. Make Auvik the first step in helping your IT departments get a handle on security.

  • Procurement & Provisioning

    New and growing enterprises always need the lowest-cost options when purchasing hardware and software for workforce expansions. Work with Comprehensr's Procurement and Provisioning to get access to the lowest prices available on needed items, including servers, laptops and peripherals from top vendors like Dell, Lenovo and HP. Learn more about how Comprehensr Procurement & Provisioning can save your organization money

  • Our Team

    Rob Poulin

    President and Lead Client Manager

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    Patrick Seaman

    Vice President and Senior Client Manager

    Kristen Cardone

    Director of Business Development

    Gregg Snider

    Director of Technologies and Senior Client Manager

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  • Our Customers

    Comprehensr customers include biotech firms, energy companies, cutting-edge manufactures, retail stores and financial companies. They are start-ups, growing businesses and long-standing ventures. With anywhere from five to 100 employees, one office or multiple. Comprehensr fits them all. Below are what some of our valued customers say. 

    Dave McIntosh

    President, NewEdge Signal Solutions

    "As a small business with no internal IT department, we rely on Comprehensr Corporate IT Management to be proactive with our infrastructure. We appreciate knowing they run our network, while we run our business. They are also amazingly fast to assist when urgent issues arise with users."

    Stephen DeAngelis

    President, Golden Goose Market & Cafe

    "We're a grocery store in a busy urban neighborhood. We can never be down -- not for e-mail, not for data, and certainly not for point-of-sale systems. Comprehensr Security & Continuity makes sure our systems stay up and running, every day."

    Joan Zahka

    Director of Human Resources, Axcella Health

    "As Axcella continues to grow, Comprehensr Procurement & Provisioning has managed to reduce our purchase outlays for new hires by as much as $2,000 per order. That savings, time and again, makes an immense difference in our operational resources."

  • Stats

    Current Comprehensr Statistics


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    Average weekly savings our customers can experience by using Comprehensr Corporate IT Management over other IT providers.


    Longest time, in minutes, it has taken us to restore a complete server from offsite backup using Datto.


    Average daily held, rejected or bounced spam and viral messages, using Mimecast Unified Email.


    Ransomware infections at our customers' locations in the past year, using a combination of Mimecast and Webroot.


    Minutes it takes for Comprehensr's 24/7 monitoring systems to notify our operations center that a server has gone offline.


    Savings per order that our customers can experience when using Comprehensr Procurement and Provisioning.

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